My Simple Life Situations [spelt out in five book covers]

Afternoon everyone, today I bring to you certain situations I’ve found myself in told in the medium of book covers.

King Crow by Michael Stewart

This perfectly represents me when I’ve just put fresh bird food out into the garden and that damn squirrel rocks up and nicks the lot. I hate that little bastard sometimes and wish I were a Crow with a baseball bat.

Pure by Rose Cartwright

Sometimes I just sit on the bed and stare. Sometimes I sit there debating whether I can be bothered to paint my toenails. But mostly I sit there thinking ‘is 7pm too early to climb in and snuggle up?’

Car Park Life by Gareth E Rees

Back in the day when I worked on the High Street I’d be waiting for the bus in the pouring rain with 400 other poor sods, who were desperate to stay dry and get home. Usually someone would piss me off by jamming themselves into an already full bus stop. I miss those days like a hole in the head.

She – Clown and Other Stories by Hannah Vincent

I feel like being pretty today, let’s do a proper makeover. Can I do winged eyeliner at 46 and a half? Can I hell. Usually looks even worse than this to be honest.

The Book Collector by Alice Thompson

I definitely did blow out that Yankee candle before I came out didn’t I? Didn’t I???? Me with my thoughts of uncertainty.

So there you have it, I’m a bit of a book weirdo. But you probably knew that already! Thanks for dropping by and have a great day

Author: OwlBeSatReading

Hi! I’m Lisa the Book Owl. I spend so much of my spare time reading, so I decided to start a blog all about it. I mainly read Historical Fiction, Horror and Literary Fiction, particularly Domestic Noir style LitFic. This is my little blog where I share all things bookish 🦉

17 thoughts on “My Simple Life Situations [spelt out in five book covers]”

    1. I guess the crisis has highlighted how inconvenient parts of our urban lifestyle is. We are packed together in the offices, not to mention the tube. If we had been animals, I am fairly sure it wouldn’t have been allowed. Still – if I could go back to a world without Covid, having to get squeezed between sweaty armpits on the tube every day (I am not very tall!) I would 😉

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      1. Urgh perish the thought with the armpit scenario but I couldn’t agree more so that speaks volumes. BO doesn’t kill you, although a face mask would help with the stench 😂 What a funny conversation, love it 🤣

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  1. Love the concept of using book titles to describe your life. These look like some pretty interesting books that I have not heard of too. Am pretty interested in Pure now, since it’s been a while since I read some humour. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Stuart! I’m really keen on supporting authors from independent publishing houses. They’ve often only got one debut novel, or written 2 or 3 but are under the radar, or even short story collectives that are superb but get missed. I recommend looking at the websites of Influx Press & Blue Moose, they find & publish very special talent indeed. 😊


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