🎧 Music Monday 🎧 Sugar & Joy by The Dead South

Today I’m joining in with the ever popular Music Monday Tag, originally created by Drew over at The Tattooed Book Geek. 🤟🏼

I don’t normally share my music tastes, but I was listening to The Dead Souths’ new album at the weekend and it’s catchy, brilliant and weird AF!

The Dead South is a Canadian folk bluegrass musical ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Nathaniel Hilts
Scott Pringle
Danny Kenyon
Colton “Crawdaddy” Crawford

They are often jokingly referred to as ‘Mumford & Sons Evil Twins!’ 😆

So if you fancy listening to something a bit different, go check them out their new album on Spotify HERE.

And finally, THIS VIDEO is what got me into them a few years ago! 😂

Thanks for dropping by!

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